Staff Directory

Alva Holliday - Principal; Senior Options 

Being the Principal of West Country Outreach School is incredibly rewarding. Our school prides itself on offering an excellent educational environment within the richness of relationships and a sense of 'family'. Our mission/vision statement is "To instill hope and inspire success for all learners".  We invest our time and hearts into every student at WCO.

After obtaining my Bachelor of Education, I taught in both Alberta and Nunavut before pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology; Native Studies) and a Master of Education in Leadership.  Every day, I am thankful that my path led me to Rimbey and this incredible group of students, educators, and families. 

I enjoy travel - locally, nationally, and internationally!  My summers are usually spent in the Yukon, hiking, and sightseeing with family and my wee dog, Scout. People who know me well would describe me as someone who loves a strong cup of coffee, great conversation, and laughter – especially if those 3 things go together with a student or colleague, or friend.  Those same people would say, "Alva loves her work, and is proud of the school." They would be right. I do, and I am.  

Kim Beierbach - Administrative Assistant 

I have been the Administrative Assistant at West Country Outreach since September 2013. Every year I enjoy getting to know the students and staff better, it truly is like a second family.

My husband and I grew up in Rimbey and stayed here to raise our family. Our children, the lights of my life, are now both adults and pursuing their post-secondary education and I couldn't be more proud. 

When I'm not at work, I enjoy traveling, reading a good book, camping, spending time with my family, enjoying live music, and socializing with my friends.

"Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you."

Princess Diana


Samantha Chick - School Social Worker

My name is Samantha Chick and I am the School Social Worker at West Country Outreach School in Rimbey, Eckville Jr. Sr. High, and Eckville Elementary. I have been with Wolf Creek School Division since March 2018 starting in Eckville and adding WCOS in October 2020. Prior to this, I worked in numerous roles at the Outreach Center in Red Deer focusing on women and children affected by domestic violence. In 2020 I received my full certification as a Therapeutic Play Practitioner through Rocky Mountain Play Therapy Institute. Working with children and youth is my favorite thing to do and I have been beyond lucky to have made connections with so many amazing youths these past few years. “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Marc Anthony. On a personal note, I LOVE animals and my house motto is the more paws the merrier! Camping, paddle boarding, traveling, skating, and snuggling in a blanket with a good book are my favorite pastimes. I have been with my partner since 2013, engaged in 2019, and married August 2023.

Natalya Agafonov - Senior Math

In my opinion, being a teacher is the best job ever!   

My name is Natalya Agafonov, and I have been working in the Wolf Creek Public School Division for more than 20 years. I am privileged to meet and teach children who really love math, children who may be scared of math, or others who are not sure what to think about it. Every day is different in West Country Outreach. It may be filled with a lot of laughter and learning, or we may just sit and have heart-to-heart talks. One of my favorite moments is when a student says, “I got it! It is so interesting, and I can see how I can use it in my life.”  Yes, math could be very abstract, often straightforward, but always applicable to real life.

26 years ago, I came to live in Canada, the best country ever. I grew up and completed my education in Ukraine, married my best friend whom I've known since grade one, raised two children, and learned that life is always full of surprises. I really enjoy a good book, romcom, and a long walk with my dog. And there is always the hope to travel more and see other countries.



Marg Brookwell - Junior High Math & Science, Senior Science

Hello! My name is Marg Brookwell, and I teach JH Math and Science, HS Biology, and Grade 10 Math at West Country Outreach. I feel fortunate to work with the talented and experienced team here at WCOS, and to continue learning and developing as a professional educator in Wolf Creek School Division.

I have worked in various locations in Wolf Creek, and each school was a unique community that allowed me to develop my skills in teaching various grades and subjects. The main theme of my teaching career has been “change”, as I have experienced overhauls of curriculum, new technologies, and increasing mental health needs in our schools. Every change has required me to learn new methods, tools, and skillsets, so I can meet the needs of each new cohort of students. Fortunately, being a lifelong learner is my favorite thing about being a teacher.

In my home life, I am a mom of two grown daughters and share my home with my large German Shepherd Lily, and my Australian Terrier Tova. I enjoy walking with my dogs, reading, crafting, and learning new things. I love traveling and visiting museums wherever I go.

Melissa Marois - Junior & Senior English

I’m Melissa Marois and I’m returning to WCOS from my maternity leave. I’ve taught at this school since 2014 and I’m looking forward to being back in the big room. I enjoy the energy that the kids bring to the building and I love the challenge of finding the right way to teach a concept so each student “gets it” best. I’ll be the Language Arts/English teacher and I’m excited to nerd out in that role again.
Outside of the school, I’m adventuring or volunteering. My husband and I have three kids who keep us busy! We love to gather with our people and get outside. No matter the season, we will find an activity to entertain us whether it’s snowboarding, skating, dirt biking, or camping.
WCOS is like coming home to me. I look forward to seeing kids and families I’ve had the pleasure of teaching before and I await the adventure of meeting new students!

Casidy Martens - Senior Science, Work Experience, RAP, Green Certificate, Dual Credit 

Hi! I'm Casidy Martens and this is my second year at the Outreach where I get to teach HS Science and coordinate the Off-Campus programs. This is my 10th year with Wolf Creek Public Schools. I received my Bachelor of Education at Canadian University College in 2013.
Going all mad scientist happens to be one of my passions, which is fairly helpful when teaching science! I began my academic career in Pharmacy where I was able to take almost every science under the sun! But teaching was my true calling and where I find the most gratification.
I grew up and live on a cattle farm in Rocky Mountain House. I love to go quading and camping where I can sit around a campfire exchanging stories with my grandfather. I get to test my carpentry skills when I get wrangled into building my sister's home or helping my grandmother in her carpentry shop. At the farm, I get to act as foreman and mechanic where I am either wrestling calves or repairing the skid steer. When I get some time to myself I love to read and learn something new.

David Robertson - Junior Social Studies, Senior Social Studies, CALM, PE, Aboriginal Studies

If I ever slip into my Scottish accent, please understand that I come by that very honestly. My parents were both born in the Glasgow area, and my dad still sounds like he left Scotland yesterday. I was born in Dover, England, and lived there until just shy of my third birthday when my parents moved to Nanaimo, BC. My little brother (also a teacher) was born a couple of years later, rounding out the Robertsons. I grew up in a small Vancouver Island town called Nanoose Bay, graduating high school at Ballenas Secondary in Parksville. After many years of university that had me studying at Malaspina College, UVIC, and Simon Fraser, I became a certified teacher.

I will never forget my first subbing job in Campbell River, BC. It was Halloween Day, and I was in the Drama room. Chaos ensued. In my first three years teaching I taught Math, Drama, SS, Science, and French, took a couple of turns as Santa, and once supervised an entire school dance in an Easter Bunny costume.

I moved to Alberta in 1998, where I taught grades 3-5 at Zama City School. The following year I was hired as the principal in Zama, and taught grades 4-7 with 9 students. That was an eye-opening experience that helped prepare me for what was to come. After that year, I taught at a predominantly Mennonite school in a community called Blue Hills. While there I had my first experience driving on an ice bridge. There are things people are meant to do, and that is NOT one of them. In 2001, I started working at Rimbey Junior-Senior High School, where I stayed for 4 years. And in 2005 I moved to West Country Outreach School. I feel like everything I’ve learned throughout my career about working with kids, adjusting to the student’s needs, and meeting people where THEY are at, is finally serving me and the community perfectly. I love our little school, and the thought of being anywhere else pains me.

Outside of school, I have three wonderful children who fill my life with love and joy. We enjoy reading together, going to movies, Broadway theatre, baking, Shakespeare in the park, concerts, and anything that makes us laugh. Top of our list though is a love of reading. We keep the town library hopping with all of our requests and will share our favourite reads with one another. We can spend hours in Chapters just wandering.

For fun, I enjoy soccer, baseball, travel, and listening to my records or CDs. There is always music playing in my house.


Gail Booth - Custodian